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about me

    Hi!! Welcome to my own little art exhibit of my creativity on the world wide web. I am just your not so average young woman doing what brings me joy- crafting and giving people something they can love. I aspire to be an authentic person who radiates positivity and kindness in all I do. 
   WELCOME to Mint to Be Crafty Designs. This is my little place to share what I make with the world. I have grown up crafting and making things for as long as I can remember. Currently, I craft in my free time outside of being a fulltime Construction Engineer in the Washington D.C. Area
   So what is all this about? Well, I hope to inspire you through my passion for creating that you can empower others, radiate authenticity, and believe in yourself. There is never a bad time to try something new and literally just be yourself by doing what bring you joy. 
   Now as you go on with your day, cherish what you have and cherish what you love. Thank you for stopping by my little place & enjoy the rest of your day.
   Blessings, Sydney